Thursday, May 29, 2008

Laying Down the Law

An excellent interview from the April issue of The Sun magazine. Connie Rice (related to Condi Rice) talks about life working with the local community. Gives her view of why the gangs persist, and opportunities to neutralize them. She likes Ceasefire, but I guess she hasn't seen the audit that was done here in Illinois. She made me think harder about the issues of gangs and what to do about them. Rooting them out of RP, let alone Chicago, will never be easy, but their impact can be mitigated.

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Michael J. Harrington said...

What a great interview. The best quote from Ms. Rice:

"Most of our politicians here in LA are not stupid. They know what they need to do. But they just don’t want to spend the political capital to change things. It all requires political will, and political will requires a movement, which we don’t have."

Yes, the two conditions which are missing in Chicago, and here in our own Rogers Park community: a movement of and by the people, voters, families, residents that creates the political will to do something different.