Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Community Meeting - Zoning Variance

Well the Sturm und Drang is over for now. Rich Aronson presented his proposal for the Sheridan parcel to a very large (70-100?) crowd in a meeting that ran from 7:20 - 10:35 PM. Consensus: parking is a huge issue and so is the possible precedent that could be set by upzoning the parcel. Chase on the Lake was represented and made it clear they will oppose any approvals. Per Joe the ZALUAC will be meeting June 11, 2008. Expect a decision around then.

I just got home but there is more to tell and I will do so in a post tomorrow. I took copious notes.

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Hugh said...

thanks for taking notes and posting

one comment - variance has a specific technical meaning in zoning, technically what Aronson is buying from Moore is a "zoning change" or "map change," a much more powerful change than a variance