Monday, March 24, 2008

Truck Strike?

The guys at The Oil Drum come up with interesting stories. Today, it's about possible truck strike. Mish Shedlock weighs in, and you can follow the links at his post. I can't say I disagree with everything he has to say, although I think his solution is as simplistic as the truckers.

I read some of the comments at TruckertoTrucker and it was clear to me that the drivers are fed up, even if they can't agree on when the strike should occur. Also unknown, how many will actually participate.


Frederick (SilverSurfer) Schaffner said...

Professional drivers are asking American citizens to participate in the "National Shut-Down"

This is an issue effecting all of us and we MUST take a stand NOW. Our government IS a major contributing factor in the outrageous price of fuel...we must take this action to get their attention. All other avenues has only fallen on deaf ears - our government is ignoring the will, and needs, of the American people.

ann said...

Independent truck drivers in GA are planning to strike April 3 for at least three days.