Sunday, March 16, 2008

Of Interviews and Earmarks

I read the transcript of the Obama interview at the Sun-Times. I did the same at the Tribune. What impresses me is that Obama has basically put himself out there, totally on the record, regarding Rezko. It's a risky thing to do because it gives the reporters ample opportunity to dredge up contradictions and more questions. The ammunition available to Clinton, and McCain, is not insignificant. Yet it speaks to his desire for transparency, and I honor his willingness to put himself out there.

He also put his earmarks out there and I understand that Clinton hasn't. She might be more reticent given this story from 2007. Or how about this one? 261 earmarks is quite a bit, compared to Obama's 46 or McCain's 0. Obama took her to task for not revealing specifics, although he didn't exactly race out with his own information. In any case, the difference in numbers is impressive and I would like to know how it is that Clinton found so many projects to get behind. Makes me wonder if she is subscribing to 'pay to play' politics, so beloved in Illinois. She is from Park Ridge after all. But she insists she'll be above board from now on. Ain't it wonderful?

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