Monday, February 18, 2008



Fred Phelps and his cohort of misguided anti-gay zealots intends to picket the funeral of at least one victim of the NIU shooting. I know we have some real interesting characters out here in the blogosphere. I recall an effort to hammer the attorney who keyed the car of the Marine. I wonder if we can gather some similar energy and send a message to Messr. Phelps et al?

This won't end until he's called home to meet his Maker, and that's one conversation I'd love to listen in on.


The North Coast said...

Kheris, I followed the link to the site's list of funerals to picket, and my hair rose on my scalp.

Did you READ the stuff they were writing about these students and others?

Whoever wrote these ravings is deeply deranged. I would stay out of his path, but I would sure as hell want to get his house searched.

I never read anything like it in my life.

My heart goes out to the parents of the murdered students, but if their kids' funerals are picketed, they must just keep in mind that the picketers are just completely over the cliff mentally.

Kheris said...

There are a couple of phrases that occur in fandom: tin hat (the kind used to ward off rays from space), and batsh*t insane (to describe the fans who have gotten way too serious about their targeted celebrity). I think both apply to Phelps & Co. I saw a transcript of an interview with Phelps' wife....both terms worked for me after reading what she had to say.