Thursday, February 07, 2008

Falling Like Flies

Mitt Romney is out, Rudy is out, Fred is out. Ron and Mike remain, although it appears McCain will be the Repub standard bearer. Any bets on whether Mike Huckabee will be the Veep nominee? I seriously doubt Ron will get the nod, and conventional wisdom, coupled with a regional advantage, points to Huckabee.

Right now it's a toss between Obama and Clinton for the Democrats. I saw 2 articles at the Washington Post (Robinson, Cohen) that raised concerns about Hillary and a 3rd (Will) that suggested the Democrats were likely going to shoot themselves in the foot if Hillary is the nominee against McCain. Interesting mix of liberal and conservative views that basically agree Hillary has a problem. I also saw some commentary (don't remember who) questioning the wisdom of early voting, especially in view of Obama's big push near the end. My boss is from California and he asserts that had there not been early voting (not just the usual absentees) the decision could very well have gone to Obama.

Novak points out that McCain's biggest detractor -- Sen Cochran of Arizona -- is running scared of McCain because Cochran is the King of Pork. That might be enough to get my attention, but others point out that McCain may be inclined to continue military engagements in the Middle East, most notably Iran.

So we are headed to the conventions with the field shaping up over in the GOP, but still a battle with the Dems. I wonder if that particular nomination will be settled in back rooms and hotel rooms.

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