Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Get The Tinfoil Hats Martha!!!

I read about Heath Ledger's passing, and I can only say that I am sorry such a promising life ended so soon.

But then, I don't wear the tinfoil hats so beloved of the Westboro Baptist Church congregation. You know them right? The whack jobs who think God hates America because homosexuals are allowed to function in our society and aren't shunned, imprisoned or whatever. They have haunted the funerals of America's soldiers, claiming they died in service because of God's wrath about gays in America. Turns out the Aussies may be up for similar treatment. Heath Ledger's funeral is apparently going to be picketed because he played a gay character. I know people from Down Under. I don't get the feeling that they suffer fools, or tinhats, gladly. Maybe we can get Rolling Thunder to rumble on up on their Harleys and show some support for the grieving family and friends of Mr. Ledger.

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