Tuesday, December 18, 2007

There And Back Again

It's official! The Hobbit will be made after all, via 2 films and an anticipated first release in 2010. Man oh man. I can see it now. A 5 movie marathon in some far off future on HBO or TNT or even at IMAX. Naturally, the forums at TORN have exploded. This should keep the fans busy for months, at the very least.

I am glad Jackson and New Line came to terms. It will be interesting to see what he does with The Hobbit. I hope whatever he does, he does well.

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The North Coast said...

I would like to see Roscoe Bartlett and Michael Bloomberg, but that won't happen, of course. Roscoe isn't even talking of running, and Bloomberg would never make it among the population.

Obama will have to do in the meantime, because he is the only one among the Dems who supports nuclear power.

He has ALMOST as much experience as JFK did back in 1960, and has the same intellectual abilities and same charisma.

Clinton seems to want to avoid talking about the energy situation and sidesteps it with the usual palaver about biofuels and other "alternatives".

None of the candidates seems really well-informed on energy or the ramifications of the Peak, but the Dems are at least open to the idea that we will have to do things differently than we have.

The Republicans are hopeless. Every single Repug candidate wants to act like it's still 1965. Or 1988. Every single one opposes higher mileage requirements for new cars, and no one from either party has said a word about curtailing highway spending and allocating money to rebuilding our rail.