Monday, November 26, 2007

Reading Levels

Saw the link at The Broken Heart and all I can say is: WOW! Look at me!

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I have another blog that clocks in at Elementary level, which I guess isn't surprising since it deals with Fandom. Yet my Larouche site comes in at a whopping Genius Level. Really!

cash advance you suppose I could join Mensa now? How about I write a Magnum Opus and shop it around to be published? I am a versatile writer! Yeah I am! It says so right in those links!!!



Michael J. Harrington said...

Yup, shonuf thar's some highfalutin' stuff here. Well, ya prolly woulda loss points fer it, but I'm guessing that readability thigamagiggy jes wizzed right on past that stoopid crazy Comic Vault stuff ya got on dere! It's jes 2 damn funny.

Kheris said...

Oh dear, you are probably right. Do you suppose that will drop me back to Elementary level? That would clock me in lower than Craig! OMG!!

Guess I'll just have to hang up my blogging shoes (and bragging rights) if that happens. *sniff*