Tuesday, January 16, 2007


1 - Today an Oil Drum poster put up a link to this Master's thesis about Peak Oil and managing the transition. This is written from the POV of a geologist and administrator. The author is Sally Odland, who was employed at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. She uses game theory to assess and propose options. The best case scenario comes, not surprisingly, from a government led effort to impose the necessary rules and regulations on the market that is coupled with efforts to achieve more localised economies. The outcome is not easy to get to, but is more likely to obtain a sustainable future. Worst case, should we fail to act, is a nuclear armageddon. In any case, success presumes that we abandon a way of life that assumes continuous growth of the fossil fueled economy. Are we up to it?

Odland's paper includes references to Cheney and Bush 41 commenting on the upcoming decline of oil. It is incredible to me that our national leadership has hidden the truth from Americans, and then Sen. Domenici professes such profound surprise at the 1/10/07 hearing about the Geopolitics of Oil. Hypocrisy reigns supreme.

Speaking of politicians, closer to home;

2 - I dropped in at Ginderske's campaign HQ this evening and introduced myself. Had a nice little conversation with Jim about Peak Oil and my concerns. He sees the problem, and I told him I was looking for some acknowledgement by the candidates that the issue needs to be dealt with. It was a good visit, and I will be looking to attend some of the upcoming debates and forums as my travel schedule allows. I am going to attempt to formulate a question that frames the issue without taking up too much time in setting the context.

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