Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting's Done!!

I have done my civic duty, and apparently without the shenanigans posted here, , here, and here at The Broken Heart. There is also Toni's report over at 24/7 North of Howard Watchers. My staff informs me that this is a well loved Chicago sport, intended to ensure that voters vote early and often.

According to Toni JoMo, accompanied by his trusty sidekick Dave, visited at her polling place, and engaged in conversation with a supporter of questionable repute. Over at the Seville, another JoMo supporter demonstrated the fine art of "flipping the bird" to Craig while apparently in search of signatories for JoMo's ballot petition. Craig's picture of the petitions says it all.

It may not be illegal, but I certainly consider it inappropriate for her to be snagging signatures while she is supposed to be working the election. Very bad form and I will assume JoMo supports it, absent a direct repudiation by him of such activity. Should he repudiate it, then she, and her petitions, need to be kicked to the curb. Call me Pollyanna or unreasonable, but if our putative candidates are unable to get themselves on the ballot without resorting to any means necessary, then I am not so sure I want to risk them being in office.

I voted for Whitney, his Socialist days are over and frankly I think Rod is headed for the Big House, or at least out of the Guv's House once Rezko starts talking. That man's finances are not in good shape and it appears the Feds have at least one songbird ready for a concert. Judy seems clueless (officially and publicly) about Republican corruption, and may be just another sock puppet. Not something I can support.

No way I was going to vote for Toddy. I know Obama endorsed him (big mistake) and publicly stated that Toddy knew there was hard work to be done and would do it. The things candidates will say! Back on October 9 I posted about Toddy's proposals, and had questions about all of them. I specifically said:

He acknowledges the fiscal mismanagement that has occurred in the County, but I notice he has nothing on his site addressing the budget issues that should be first and foremost on his plate.

He still doesn't. If he has said anything different in the intervening month, then I obviously missed it. A commitment to Senator Obama does not cut it for me. He needed to make that commitment some time ago to the voters. He didn't. I'll take my chances with Peraica.

Next spring, if I'm not winging to and fro to our Nation's Capital, I'll have to look into becoming a poll watcher or judge.

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