Thursday, November 30, 2006

The View From The Hill

Over at the Energy Bulletin is this gem about Hill staffers wanting a date for when Peak Oil will happen. I have multiple thoughts about this.

1 - Haven't they read the The Hirsch Report?

2 - This is symptomatic of the corporate need for a deadline. Hirsch gives no deadline, but makes it plain that we need to plan on a decades long effort.

3 - Americans have to be prodded by a crisis unless they have visionaries for Congresspeople and Senators to go boldly forward. These guys don't work for the visionaries. Simmons, and others, now believe it will indeed take a crisis to get this country off its oil-fed backside and moving. It may be too late when it comes.

4 - The Mayor's Department of Environment is pushing 'green' but there is more that needs to be done, and not by DOE.

Somehow, we have to get the local leadership moving. We can't keep tossing the ball back to the Feds.

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