Thursday, November 02, 2006

Reading the Tea Leaves

Over at the Broken Heart you can read some of the reaction to the proposed restuarant/music venue. Some of the feedback suggests Craig is not reporting the event accurately. Sad if true. It also was suggested that the attendees were in favor of the project.

Craig's key issue is lack of parking, but his report identifies two other issues that are, if accurate, far more disturbing:

1 - No clear indication as to the desired audience. This is a restuarant with a music venue included and the type of music planned: acoustic, jazz, big band and children's theme. Assuming this is a correct recitation of the music acts that will be solicited, we also learn that Andy Megee's view of the demograhics is; demographics are going to be like him. That doesn't sound well thought out at all if Megee didn't provide specifics. So just who does he expect to patronize this establishment?

2 - Lack of experience running a restuarant: Andy Megee and has partner are security traders. They admitted knowing nothing about food service (or music act booking for that matter). But young Devin, Andy's son, he has worked at Denny's before. Not necessarily a deal killer, but disturbing all the same. Is this a vanity project or a real effort to bring a new and attractive business to Morse? If neither gentleman has any experience running a restuarant or a music venue, they will need a crash course in those skills while they navigate the licensing and buildout processes. Alternatively, they could make certain that they hire competent individuals with the requisite skills. Working at Denny's is not the same thing although it would be a step up the ladder.

All in all, I think the parking issue is a smokescreen. All the parking in the world won't save the Megees if the venture fails due to inexperience and the lack of needed skills. Hopefully, they will realize what they don't know and start doing something about it. Additionally, they need to get a grip on just what audience they are aiming for.

My $.02

ETA Further information that has finally seeped out from others who were there indicates the Megees are hiring skilled personnel to operate the restuarant and book acts. And it appears that Devin may have worked at more than a Denny's, which is good to know.

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