Sunday, November 19, 2006

Post Oil Hippies

And now, an example of how a community is dealing with post-oil before it gets here. Of course it would be in California.


Paradise said...

Actually, California is the last place I expected it to be. That's the most car-crazed state of the earth, and all their environmental initiatives are 'feel goods'.

At least they have strict emission laws.

Congratulations to these old hippies. Now, if the pursuade people in Los Angeles to take the train.....

Kheris said...

Ah, but it is in Northern California, and those guys are different from their Southern cousins. I sent this to a guy I know in San Francisco and he wrote back that he was going to move to Mendocino! When he retires of course.

Paradise said...

I agree that Northern CA has a different mentality. San Francisco is very civic minded, and has enacted very strict seismic codes for buildings, and strict land-use policies.

Northern CA is part of the Pacific Northwest, which is ahead of the rest of the country in its approach to urban planning and land-use policies. Portland, Oregan has been a model in limiting horizontal growth and planning dense, human-scaled urban environments.

Southern CA, however, is a ready-made disaster area even without a severe fuel shortage. It is programmed for extreme sprawl, has no serious plan for earthquake mitigation, and is ruled by developers. Allowing residential development in historic fire corridors and concrete-slab shopping centers in earthquake liquification zones are a couple of the more egregious examples of the short-sightedness and extreme self-indulgence that characterizes the L.A. mentality.